Kathy Lubick Awender was born, raised and educated in Long Beach, California. She is still a resident of Southern California in picturesque San Juan Capistrano, close to where all of her three children and five grandchildren live. The geographic closeness and the family values have served her well with many inspirations for gowns, quilts, baby accessories and an untold number of dresses, all having found their way from mere sketches of ideas to reality in the humble little sewing room in the back of the house.
Her love of textile arts has taken her from garment sewing to smocking & heirloom sewing to quilting, appliqué & embellishing and the list of projects just goes on and on. She has worked and taught for many years in local fabric and quilt stores and has developed a following of students and friends over the years. Her teachings and techniques have taken her on the road too, as a number of quilt guilds and smocking guilds have flown her in for weekend seminars. She has also had the privilege of teaching frequently at the national convention for Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA). 

This life-style for her does not seem to be slowing down, as more grandchildren seem to create more designs. So welcome to the website and make yourself at home.  

Email: Kathy Awender

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